Steven K

$45.00 30 minutes

I use Logic Pro X every day in my own studio for everything! Drum programming, editing, tweaking midi, mixing, mastering and a bunch more.


I’ve been using Logic Pro X in my studio for several years and I use it for everything! I believe in this DAW and I love teaching others how to use it!
I can teach you how to…
– Write and record with the awesome sounds they provide and tweak those sounds to get the custom tone you’re looking for.
– Use the Drummer tool to get quick beats and then customize them even for genres Logic doesn’t provide the drummer for, like all forms of Metal.
– Properly route your project for mixing and get the most out of your stock plugins!
-and a BUNCH More!!

This is a rich, flexible program that can do so much and I’m stoked to teach you how to use it for whatever project you have!