$45.00 30 minutes

I’d love to share my knowledge of audio engineering and music production with you! Let’s make the world a better place through music!


Hey HSL – I’m Nick & I want to help you accelerate your learning curve with audio! What took years of research & comprehension is now available to you via personal lessons. I didn’t receive formal training in audio, so everything I teach you are applications I trust & believe in!

I’ve worked with multiple DAWs (Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, GarageBand, etc.) and genres (rock, pop, hiphop, country, + more) in my audio career. If we work together, expect to be work hard & smart! I will teach you how to use plugins, my philosophies to tracking/mixing/mastering, all the while maximizing your efficiency as you work.

You ready? Let’s make the world a better place through music!


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