$45.00 30 minutes

Excuse me, may I have some more Cubase? Certainly, we’ll send Benedikt right over.


Hi! My name is Benedikt, I’m a professional audio engineer, producer and mixer. Specializing in rock and heavy music, I work with bands to turn their songs into exciting and impactful recordings and mixes.

I’ve been in the industry for about a decade now and I can probably help you with any of your recording-, editing-, mixing-, or mastering questions if:

– you’re producing music with “real” instruments, like drums (or drum samples), bass, guitars, and vocals
– you’re using Cubase to record, edit, mix or master

You need an expert in EDM, Hip Hop or (electronic) pop music? I’m probably not the right guy, sorry!

I’m very happy to help you create music and save you headaches!